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With over 7 years of experience operating in Aceh, Aceh Explorer Adventure Tours is an experiential inbound tour operator that is passionate about authentic adventure experiences in some of Indonesia’s most exciting and mysterious destinations: The province of Aceh. With our local expertise, product innovation and genuine enthusiasm for all things travel, we will create the perfect adventure experience just for you.

Air terjun Pudeng Lhoong Aceh Explorer

Offering tours lasting from one day to several weeks, Aceh Explorer Adventure Tours is proud of taking clients off the beaten track to discover the real, untouched beauty of Aceh. Safety remains a priority in whatever activity is involved, and we are proud of our 100% safety record.

From our office in Banda Aceh we provide national and international clients a great variety of outdoor activities in Aceh. Be it adventure or immersion into scenic tranquility, Aceh Explorer Adventure Tours has ensured that all its tour products are suited to the most discerning and unique of travellers.

Aceh Explorer is committed to socially responsible travel and to the preservation of the natural beauty of Aceh. We believe that developing a soft tourism provides measures of protection and enhancement for the cultural and natural wealth of Aceh, Indonesia.

Aceh Explorer Banda Aceh Sumatra Indonesia

The regions featured in the program of Aceh Explorer Adventure Tours are outstanding in scenery and less frequented by tourists. They offer ideal conditions for trekking, caving, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking and mountaineering, all of which are activities that bring the travelers close to nature and the local population in an environmentally friendly way.


Aceh Explorer jungle trek guides Sumatra Indonesia

All our guiding team have been chosen by us for their attitude, ability and personality. Our trip leaders are born and bred in the region in which they operate and are proud to be ambassadors of their culture and heritage.

We work hard to ensure that local people not only benefit financially from tourism but also that they are true business partners in helping us to develop adventure tourism programs.

Turis masuk huta Pucok Krueng Aceh Explorer Sumatra Indonesia

Tours can be arranged for various group sizes. The difficulty of the tours ranges from easy to difficult so please select the tour that best fits your needs. Specific requests such as schedule, customized routes or diet may be accommodated, so don’t hesitate to ask! These travel packages can comfortably be pre-booked via the net. Alternatively, all tours can be booked at our Aceh Explorer’s sales office in Banda Aceh.

Other websites affiliated with the Aceh Explorer family can be viewed at:

www.keaceh.com  (versi bahasa Indonesia)

Now the company has just past its seventh anniversary and Aceh Explorer has firmly established itself as one of the leading  adventure guiding operators in the province of Aceh. The aim of Aceh Explorer is the same as it always has been ‘to offer great trips that we would dream of going on ourselves’.

We hope to see you soon in Aceh !


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